Show Productions Directors

Both of Show Productions directors started their careers as professional performers.

Irina's artistic career started over 25 years ago when she became a professional gymnast in Russia.  She has performed in the prestigious ballet/gymnastics Theatre "Releve" in Moscow and in World Famous Circuses like "Tihany" in South America and "Ringling Brothers & Barnum and Bailey Circus" in North America.

After finishing her performing career Irina has progressed onto show creation and direction in the UK, playing an important role of scouting the acts and being the creative mind behind one of the biggest Circus production in the UK: The Moscow State Circus; Circus Extreme; Circus Vegas and  Circus Berlin.


Paul's career started as a professional juggler, later progressing into directing and managing the UK tours of the World renowned Moscow State Circus for 15 years. With upwards of 60 artistes and staff on National tours he has been at the forefront of logistical operations for many years organising the movement of personnel and equipment, making sure it arrives and works, when and where it’s supposed to at over 50 venues each year.

Currently Paul also has an important role of the Secretary of Associations of Circus Proprietors of Great Britain. This is only official Circus trade body in the UK representing interests of commercial Circus in the UK.

Business Details

Reg Address : 4 Innovation Drive, Newport, England, HU15 2FW

Company number : 10067872


Irina Archer
SPL Director
Tel: 0044 (0) 796 717 8785

Paul Archer
SPL Director
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